unfounded conclusion

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This report clearly contradicts the BBWA's unfounded conclusion that mitigation for potential fish habitat impacts associated with Pebble is not possible.
The agency cited flawed assumptions, including the unfounded conclusion that "oil sands crude will find a way to market with or without" the Keystone pipeline.
The company rejects the unfounded conclusion that the events of December 8 represent a widespread pattern of work errors throughout PG&E.
Hanen makes other unfounded conclusions, including that Obama failed to follow required procedures for changing federal immigration rules.
The unfounded conclusions announced by the temporary parliamentary commission during the parliamentary hearings have damaged the image of the Kumtor Operating Company and of Centerra Gold Inc.
Vehemence voiced by a coterie of trainers, supported by the National Trainers' Federation central command, has centred on projected income figures from broadcasters who set up their overseas schemes a year ago, balanced against claims about extra costs, and riddled with unfounded conclusions, such as Mark Johnston's, that "a lot of" the forecast fall in the current levy yield is down to 48-hour declarations.
I try to explain to them as well that quantitative research is not automatically "good"--that sloppy quantitative researchers can use poorly designed questionnaires, faulty statistical designs and inappropriate samples, thus reaching unfounded conclusions.
Then one might experience the hazards of the job, rather than jump to unfounded conclusions about the inspectors.
Our organization is finally able to fund research that will help us challenge, with authority, the flawed data and unfounded conclusions foisted on the public by the organized tortfeasors.
Mr Mike Gooding said the results of the autopsy have yet to be made public and insisted such an examination would never be used to draw unfounded conclusions.
The defendants have strong objection to the heated rhetoric and unfounded conclusions in the complaint.
Wild, unsubstantiated promises or unfounded conclusions tell financial sources you are inexperienced, naive and reckless.