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Sisters and brothers, friends, despite all of these clear inconsistencies, these painful and damaging actions against Grenada, this clear pattern of unfriendliness, we remain fervently committed to the normalisation and improvement of relations with your government, for this is in the best interests of our two peoples.
Negative: Sterility, coldness, barriers, unfriendliness, elitism.
She felt the environment in the UK had become more hostile towards refugees over the past few months, but the support of the course had helped her to feel resilient in the face of such unfriendliness.
We are all openly complaining and trying to get to the bottom of what we feel is the seeming unfriendliness towards the media at the summit.
African American women in the academy often report experiences characterized by unfriendliness, isolation, non-supportiveness, marginalization, and lack of mentorship (Generett & Cozart, 2011, 2012; Thomas & Hollenshead, 2001).
The proposals include a suggestion that NPLs should be resolved in a "socially fair" manner, which along with further wording, appears to hint at potential creditor unfriendliness.
From an early age, we associate the feeling of warmth with safety and security (think hugs and open fires), and coldness with unfriendliness (think "getting the cold shoulder" and "icy stare").
While a large part of India's business unfriendliness can be attributed to archaic, non-transparent and irrational laws, in some cases it's our lack of proactive thinking that has contributed to such a situation.
These are heartbreaking figures, all the more so because the unfriendliness being referred to isn't simply a matter of a crusty pastor here and there.
With rising property prices and a reputation for unfriendliness, London residents reported the lowest levels of satisfaction, with the 10 least happy places to live in the poll all in the capital.
Meanwhile, the editorials in Chinese state media turned from initial reservation to unfriendliness to the insolence of the final piece.
It has been experienced that unfriendliness from many non-democratic regimes has been part of a general opposition to any initiatives to support organizations beyond the control of the state.