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I think it shows the unfriendliness and impoliteness by the Chinese government toward Gary Locke, and it is without the manners and dignity of a major power,'' legal scholar Hao Jinsong said.
9) Less is know about men's experience of institutional violence in health care, but their resistance to attending health services may be due to unfriendliness towards men, and being placed in a subordinate position, which men would resist more than women.
But such an occasion is likely to be rare, for an individual is unlikely to maintain dual nationality in countries that are in such state of unfriendliness.
Amity's friendliness is almost terrifying even before it reveals itself as a species of unfriendliness.
They are not quite joining hands and singing of apple trees, honey bees and snow-white turtle doves, but the Games are obliterating London's infamous unfriendliness.
With the current economic climate and unfriendliness of the credit markets, a sale-leaseback transaction could provide an efficient and effective means to generate equity for company expansion.
Although the high inflation worked to his advantage, he felt unwelcome in Germany because of German unfriendliness toward foreigners.
She loved the unfriendliness, the coolness" (62) of life in the city.
This man had never been particularly friendly to John, though be had never manifested any direct unfriendliness.
Counselors may expect unfriendliness upon meeting their clients and this expectation in return might produce a significant barrier to forming a positive therapeutic alliance or even lead to premature termination by the client.
Meanwhile he conferred the praetorship on Libo and often invited him to his table, showing no unfriendliness in his looks or anger in his words (so thoroughly had he concealed his resentment")).
The text features an introductory overview of sensory-integration strategies for play challenges, followed by chapters discussing five common play challenges--repetitious dabbling during play, continual roaming around the playroom, continual anxiousness about or during play, continual detachment or unfriendliness during play, and continual rejection by playmates during play--and specific intervention guidelines and activities for each situation.