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With my delusions unfrocked and Post readers still clinging to theirs, the issue boiled down to just one question: what does an ombudsman or readers' advocate or people's advocate or people's editor do?
Nash, an unfrocked clergyman--a much-wronged man, and determined to be martyred as such.
Only first place for Carrie would have given us an unfrocked McCain, though he did have the good grace to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to the now retired Cheshire rider.
Leaving politics in 1986 he became the Presenter of LWT's political interview programme, Weekend World and today he remains a prolific commentator and author penning, amongst others, Great Parliamentary Scandals, I Couldn't Possibly Comment and The Great Unfrocked, a catalogue of ecclesiastical misdemeanours.
It's the comedy creation of Penarth-based female impersonator Ceri Dupree, who hosts his first TV show Ceri Dupree Unfrocked on Friday, October 26.
Female impersonator Ceri Dupree tonight welcomes Toyah Willcox to his show Ceri Dupree Unfrocked (HTV, 11.