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He encountered dozens of "experts, frocked and unfrocked, fairly bursting to discuss my psychological problems with me, but nary a one who knew anything at all about what was happening to my body.
Why should I, unfrocked, now hide, and then be impugned by the death they apprehend?
Nash, an unfrocked clergyman--a much-wronged man, and determined to be martyred as such.
Anatole arranged with an unfrocked priest to have a mock ceremony performed.
Traditionally it was performed by an unfrocked priest, with the nude body of a reclining woman as the altar.
Only first place for Carrie would have given us an unfrocked McCain, though he did have the good grace to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to the now retired Cheshire rider.
It's the comedy creation of Penarth-based female impersonator Ceri Dupree, who hosts his first TV show Ceri Dupree Unfrocked on Friday, October 26.
He was unfrocked, jailed, banished first to Siberia and then to the Mongolian frontier, starved and tortured; but he refused to recant.
Female impersonator Ceri Dupree tonight welcomes Toyah Willcox to his show Ceri Dupree Unfrocked (HTV, 11.