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But progress since the Geneva deal has been slow, with the last round of talks in May proving unfruitful.
But after unfruitful flirting, it looks like I will have to brush up on my Casanova skills and have another chat some time.
guarantee[d], it is out of [the] question to start an unfruitful dialogue," Anastasiades said on Sunday.
Any aggression on Syria is illegitimate as the pretext for launching this aggression will be unfruitful, particularly that the UN team charged to investigate in the use of chemical weapons in Syria hasn't yet completed its mission and hasn't set its report," al-Zoubi said in an interview with al-Manar TV Channel on Monday.
The message was that the unfruitful branch of the royal house, childless Elizabeth, should be cut down, while the more fruitful branch, Mary, should be left to produce more fruits.
After five years of unfruitful attempts to sell the buildings - one historic and the other considered a candidate for demolition - the state and the city appear to be collaborating on a plan to dispose of the empty structures.
They argue that chemistry's practical approach to its materials is "more philosophically interesting than applying tired philosophical dogmas associated with an ultimately unfruitful reductive vision of science.
Previous loan spells with Queens Park Rangers at Sampdoria have proven to be unfruitful for the 21-year-old, but Macheda is currently enjoying his spell with Stuttgart, who have an option to sign the forward on a permanent basis this summer.
Extra time proved unfruitful for either team, and it went down to penalties.
Flip to their more serious side, the song Unfruitful, for example, which has an east European, gypsy-folk feel and shows-off their undoubted collective musicianship.
At the time the opportunity to offer pool bets through Tote Direct remained a possibility, but Thomas revealed that discussions had proved unfruitful.
Seeing as Sony's PS3 survived nearly half a decade of unfruitful hacking attempts, everyone is waiting to see just how Sony would react to close down its console platform again.