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Just when the large, frilly-edged leafy structure will unfurl into an upturned fluted bell, revealing a deep maroon interior, is not known.
Flag day: Unfurl the Flag led from start to finish to win for the first time in more than a year in the feature at Del Mar.
When she simply lets her story and grooves unfurl naturally, as she does on jams like the swaggering "Better by the Pound" and the gentle "Trust," Ndegeocello is beyond comparison and criticism.
On March 8, members of the Mattole Forest Defenders unfurl a banner in the second largest remaining stand of old-growth Douglas fir.
Meanwhile, Manjhi became the first CM of Bihar to unfurl the Tricolour at the historic Gandhi Maidan on the 66th Republic Day in Patna because of the absence of the Governor in the state.
Manmohan Singh, will unfurl the National Flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Thursday (August 15), to celebrate the 67th Independence Day.
Meanwhile, former owner Peter McKenzie will unfurl the Second Division flag before today's clash with Cowdenbeath, who are without Richard Vauls, Joe Mbu, Dene Droudge and Danny Mackay.
The last time astronauts tried to unfurl a solar wing in 2007, it snagged on a guide wire and ripped.
20) and Felipe Martinez knocked off King of Happiness in the American Handicap, Unfurl the Flag ($13.
When Betty Oliphant first invited me into her home some 30 years ago, she got down on the floor to unfurl a family tree that traced her lineage back to William the Conqueror--or was it Queen Boadicea?
THE BJP is ready for a confrontation with the Centre and the J& K government that are planning to stop the party's Ekta Yatra ( unity march) into Srinagar to unfurl the Tricolour on Republic Day.
To comprehend the achievement of this masterly architecture, one needs more contextual information and more sense of how these interiors and precincts unfurl before the pedestrian.