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A few may balk at the retro-look ungainliness, but many business itinerants will still appreciate the level of convenience.
Then, it's on to 155mph - and the northern Spanish motorway I was on was as dead straight as a runway and empty just after first light - with not a trace of roll or ungainliness on its big alloys and uprated suspension.
This `mentality' takes pleasure in its pedestrian encounter with words whose ungainliness and imperfection incite new rhythms and cadences that root them in a human world with all its acknowledged grubbiness and rough edges.
Although it never overcomes a kind of narrative ungainliness, ``Touch Me'' does get better as it goes along.
The ungainliness is not all Carroll's--some is Shakespeare's--because "the representations of tinker and peddler" in the plays runs counter to "their pedigrees of thievery and deception" (163).
He seldom indulged in either the light, planar aesthetic of steel and glass, nor in the aggressive ungainliness of the New Brutalism.
Among them are some group portraits, the only works in "Messina/Musina" made using artificial light; depicted inside their dwellings, a wide variety of people share a sense of ungainliness and emptiness, expressed through their bodies.
Under his baton Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique was shorn of much of its gauche ungainliness, floating instead in clouds of imagination and drawing playing of immense character.
Leaving aside the ungainliness of such a posture, I congratulate the report on highlighting what to me has been obvious for some time and which I have been saying ad-nauseam to audiences all over Birmingham since I succeeded to the chair of the marketing body.
But only brief, bemused reference has been made to the visual and psychological ungainliness of the Christ Child in the Munich painting and of the tentative actions of his counterpart in the Hermitage work.