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This very ungallant young gentleman turned round and said in a disgusted voice: "You can't come in here, Margaret.
27) In addition to these ungallant remarks, the president advised her to wear the Islamic hejab during her acceptance ceremonies in Oslo.
As for "launching an attack," I would never be so ungallant as to do same upon a lady.
Now the scales have been lifted from the car maker's eyes it has realised what many of us saw all along: that Jon Moulton's group was not a handsome stranger promising to sweep Rover off its feet but an ungallant rake who enjoyed the whirlwind romance but got cold feet at the prospect of a long-term relationship.
Though the ungallant knight rivals Quevedo in the cruelty with which he describes aging female flesh, his demon lover quickly entraps him with her seductive arts, supplemented by a small subsidy.
He added that "no amount of insincere rhetoric about 'equal rights for women' can excuse (the Rutherford Institute's) ugly and ungallant behavior toward her.
I don't mean to be ungallant by recording this--it's simply that perhaps the funniest laugh-out-loud line comes when he visits his wife's family.
WE don't wish to be ungallant, but won't anyone tell Natalie Portman she's starting to look a little Dopey
within earshot of the Warrington president If so, Millward's behaviour has been ungallant, but hardly unprofessional.
This was no "mutton dressed as lamb", to use an ungallant phrase.
Without wanting to be ungallant to Ms Jones, I would have thought that she was the 'Muffin the Mule' of this particular race.
Decide why your husband's admittedly ungallant but throwaway remark raised your suspicions and why you don't believe his denials of unfaithfulness.