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Just so Wentworth, recently promoted to post-captain, returns secure in his wealth after eight years and remarks ungallantly that Anne is "'so altered he should not have known [her] again'" (60).
The dinner date at plush Rathsallagh in Co Kildare was somewhat ungallantly advertised on the website with a health warning - 'Bid at your own risk.
The Prince's former press secretary, Mark Bolland, has rather ungallantly labelled the Duchess the laziest aristo in Britain, doubtless against stiff opposition in the shires.
For the wedding, Rosa borrowed a pair of high-heeled shoes from another guest, and the couple started married life surrounded by people who, rather ungallantly I thought, refused to move from their sunbeds.
After all, the boob jobs he ungallantly claims he funds for Oloyal girl friendsO such as Ms Titmuss canOt come cheap.
So he rings an unattached trainer, remarking ungallantly that `nobody knows where you live, can you help?
Something Kirsty Gallacher, whose sexual predilections he has ungallantly described for the delectation of the nation, must now regret.
SIGN OF THE TIMES: Bryan rather ungallantly lets Katie open the car door herself; THE IN CROWD: But Bryan strolls along unaware his ex is ahead; LET'S SHOP TOGETHER: The two get together to have a browse; Pictures: BARREL-EAGLE
Finally, ever the gentleman, I must rush to the defence of Miss Golden Voice, Clare Balding, who, the Mail on Sunday's Patrick Collins ungallantly wrote, presented Radio Five Live's Wimbledon coverage "with toe-curling gush".
Having ungallantly revealed this news in the Racing Post and asked where the lobster and foie gras was, I was amazed when a plate of lobster was sent down for my delectation in the cheap seats of the press room with the compliments of Smurfit himself.