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Harold Bloom ungenerously calls Tribute to Freud "a rather overpraised book" and "a kind of hagiography," seeing the book itself as symptom not of H.
Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, currently serving an international drugs ban, ungenerously dispatched the bridegroom with a neat catch.
In fact, what could be ungenerously defined as a "people hauler" has a Cd value of 2.
Accepting the labels neither of globe-trotting adventuress, nor New Woman ("shrieking androgyns" (13) she ungenerously remarked), she styled herself only a student of West Africa, but to her audience, a distinctly unusual one, subverting any easy readability of Mary Kingsley.
Though there has long been a phallic component in Brakhage's imagery (Rosenbaum has ungenerously characterized his work as "phallocratic" [47]), the progression in Brakhage's late work has been toward undercutting all object-centered, potentially phallic, images.
Muller, for instance, could be ungenerously accused of using the promotion of others as a vehicle for his own career.
But if Turner, in his letter to Foxe, has ungenerously misjudged Day, he has correctly seen that the large and expensive book did not fully serve the needs of the "small and wretched flock of Christ.
It is beyond comprehension that two people who were treated so leniently after convictions for such a grave crime should react so ungenerously," he said.
This was the drift of the case law until the 1980s when the court began to look ungenerously on religious claims.
In response, Hails had sent his brother an account that included a relation of those hometown Englishmen residing in Massachusetts who had helped him in his resettlement project and those who had, ungenerously, not done so.
In an oft-quoted essay first published in 1991, Appiah has said, "Postcoloniality is the condition of what we might ungenerously call a comprador intelligentsia: a relatively small, Western-style, Western-trained group of writers and thinkers, who mediate the trade in cultural commodities of world capitalism at the periphery" (Appiah quoted in Mongia 1997: 62).
It seems it is the over-use of orange badges which led to the Ministry of Transport issuing the guidelines which are so ungenerously applied in Coventry.