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After she begs Gareth's pardon for her ungentle treatment of him,
Blundeston, the well-meaning friend, in a second preface, explicitly echoes Tottel who had offered a wider public 'those workes which the ungentle horders up of such treasure have hitherto envied thee' (Tottel, i, 2).
So too, when Charles (aged thirty-two) pronounces the seeming youth to be "in one of the most dangerous periods of human life," meaning late adolescence, and adds that "You shall find me no ignorant Mentor, and no ungentle one" (353), the disguised St.
Katherine Duncan-Jones Ungentle Shakespeare: Scenes from his Life.
Throughout, there is an austere, economical yet not ungentle intelligence.
Her book Ungentle Shakespeare: Scenes from his Life ends a 400-year run of ''old boys' club'' dominance.
Neither polite conduct nor federal law can be an effective bar for the ungentle or unscrupulous, particularly as the information gained can often be used in such a way that you'll never know [if,] how or where you were blindsided.
For Rhys, sensitive people are the battered mute animals of an ungentle world.
The character without the 'heart' component, [CHINESE TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], is entered in the Shuowen, explained somewhat fancifully as [CHINESE NAME NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "an ungentle, untrustworthy tiger" (SWGL 2102) and is registered in later dictionaries on this basis, but is unknown in texts.
Above all, though, there appears to be no place, no way, no vocabulary, in stories of a lost unified Southern community, to account for or even to acknowledge, for that matter, the casualties required by those stories--like the bodies of three Civil Rights workers found near Philadelphia, Mississippi, murdered in the name of that pristine ideal, however distorted we would like to think it is in the ungentle hands of Ku Kluxers and other white supremacists.
His last squeeze, Deya Pichardo, is still bitter at the ungentle way he let her down.
This latter God lies behind some of the most terrible acts in Curnow's ungentle poetry (Michael Hulse, as Mac Jackson has pointed out, is surely wrong in seeing Curnow as 'gentle').