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to be "The most ungentle knight in Arthur's hall" (l.
For example: "The author seems to plan it thus: 'Come with me, ungentle reader, who enjoys seeing a live dog inflated and kicked around like a soccer football, who likes, of a Sunday morning, on his way to or from church, to poke his stick or direct his spittle at a poor rogue in the stocks'; come, .
13), one of the collection's central pieces, as it probes the inner life of a bereaved mother with her little boy: "And she will return, on foot, thoughtful, dreaming, alone, always alone; for children are turbulent, egotistical, ungentle and impatient; and cannot even, like a mere animal, dog or cat, serve as confidant to a solitary sorrow" (26).
Cormier handles the role of Elwood as that of a gentleman in an ungentle world.
Bid her have good heart, She soon shall know of us, by some of ours, How honourable and how kindly we Determine for her; for Caesar cannot live To be ungentle.
Cavanaugh, a choice that seemed strange given the almost universally ungentle nature of the other authors under discussion; and a solid essay on Emanuel Forde by Goran V.
30) Graphic descriptions of the child-widow crying and struggling as her bangles are ripped off her arms by ungentle male relatives, also underscored another distinction running through the missionary discourse between the cold loveless Indian family, product of a cynical religion, and the "sweetness and light of an English home.
A recent study has confirmed women's worst fears about the ungentle sex: Men choose women based on looks, above all.
17) See Katherine Duncan-Jones, Ungentle Shakespeare: Scenes from his Life (London: Arden Shakespeare, 2001), pp.
Up there on the top shelves, the girls never say "no" and if they do, well any red blooded man knows they don't really mean it and all it takes to change their minds is a little ungentle persuasion.
No 58; the fish being much better an artistic work than the fish-seller--a rather too ideal representation of the ungentle craft.