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He said: "I apologised to Lee because, on reflection, it was ungentlemanly.
cavalier: gallant and gentlemanly; haughty and ungentlemanly.
Bad language leads to an automatic red card and ungentlemanly conduct, such as spitting or arguing, is frowned upon.
The game for gentlemen has descended into some very ungentlemanly conduct, as the side from Werrington village in Cornwall succeeded in having Usk thrown out of the quarter-finals of the national championship after losing by just one run.
If Simon revealed the intimate nature of their affair to anyone, it is ungentlemanly and a betrayal.
Edwards said in a statement that he was "disgusted" it had been posted online, and would never have done it himself "because I regard it as ungentlemanly, because I was brought up better than that.
card for ungentlemanly behavior, with defender Yaqoub Al-Taher being showed a
But things like talking back to the ref, kicking balls away and ungentlemanly conduct simply aren't on.
She excused this ungentlemanly behaviour by claiming he was just having a bit of difficulty holding his head up.
Hart was booked during the penalty shoot-out against Sweden for ungentlemanly conduct and will now miss the final in Malmo when Stuart Pearce's youngsters face Germany.
The result is a very gentlemanly approach to hundreds of very ungentlemanly entries and literary applications.
When the fans, or the "cranks" and "crankettes," as they were called, got a little rowdy, the umpire could fine them 25 cents for ungentlemanly behavior, Spivey said.