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the wall ungiving to any other motive than the painter's,
On issues relating to poverty, the federal government is in a very ungiving place.
INJURIES have blighted a Newcastle back four which has been solid and ungiving during a five-match winning run.
She offers up her pains and joys but is unsocial and ungiving.
as seen through the ungiving eyes of youth: nothing.
Here", of course, is the austere, ungiving waste land Thomas Stearns Eliot defines, describes, and inhabits in the intricate, searing landmark poem written in Switzerland in 1921.
Her feelings toward her husband's personality change paralleled those toward her family when she described her husband as being coarse, ungiving, unloving, and stupid.
Perhaps you feel that what is around you is a little chilly or ungiving.
A WAIT IN THE GARDEN Here where it once declined to grow, a lone vine like a defiant child climbs ungiving stones.
Stan, whom Leigh depicts without a touch of satire or stylization, is a monosyllabic and ungiving lover.
Like Victor Meldrew they think life's not fair, they're afraid to look like fools and in doing so emerge sad, grumpy and ungiving.
The French Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux Cabernet blend, however, tend to be harsh and ungiving when young.