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But Sinja is one step ahead of him, and Jack's life comes unglued after a magical Bodhi tree appears in his backyard one night.
Just imagine coming unglued in a crowded bar and everyone drifting into one large cloud of drinkers.
The bull came unglued and ate every scrap in that entire hors d'oeuvre platter
7-metre tall display constructed using 141,971 unglued LEGO bricks will be displayed at the Star Atrium until May 29.
So coastal sediments are coming unglued in the region, where global warming is exaggerated.
The label on the beer bottles has been designed so that it can be unglued and worn as a symbol of gay-lesbian pride, he said.
as if unglued and shifting in the usual interlocular spaces
BDI should get unglued of the cynics because we are fed up by the song -"we hate and mock the Prime Minister.
In 2006 Michael Barrymore, 57, also came unglued on the show.
Royal came unglued in the sixth when two infield errors, a bloop single behind second base and a throwing error on the catcher led to Simi Valley's runs.
He leaves the presidency in a couple of weeks with fundamentally a bear market and an economy that's coming unglued at the seams, a debt collapse that has barely began, the worst federal deficit of all times, and shaky confidence in US leadership role in the world.
Soon after Musharraf's exit, the ruling coalition came unglued.