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The transition phase of globalization is witnessing the erosion of states' powers, in fact, because of the shift in decision-making power to new globalized institutions and processes, and in part because the increased ungovernability of contemporary societies.
Remix, with its connotations of chopping up, loss of control, and ungovernability, can be seen as a kind of horror, especially since horror also makes very clear the associations between women and monsters.
If the democratic state does not deliver the benefits of progress to all, it may provoke social tensions and fan the flames of instability and ungovernability.
The initial chapters, specifically chapters 1-3, focus on describing the dimensions of ungovernability and what makes these territories conducive for armed groups to establish a presence in them.
MEMORIES of President Obama's election and inauguration, which electrified the American, world, and pan-African imaginations approximately two years ago have almost faded under the harsh demands of governance, in the face of Washington's descent into political gridlock verging on ungovernability.
For years, the West has bitten its tongue on Pakistan out of deference to its strategic position and in hopes that its middle class and still impressive judiciary would halt the slide into extremism and ungovernability.
These discourses singled out various "class outsiders" (including vagrants and prostitutes) as significant threats to the social order not just because they were ungovernable bodies, but also because their social promiscuity, their intimate contact with people not of the same class, could destabilize the boundaries of difference and seduce class "insiders" into the domain of ungovernability.
Scandals are like an anti-civics lesson," she writes, "there to remind us of that smidge of ungovernability lodged deep at the human core which periodically breaks loose and throws everything into havoc.
Now, he'll need to find at least a few Republican allies to help him bury the idea of ungovernability.
8) Typical examples of status offenses include: truancy, (9) running away, (10) curfew violations, (11) and ungovernability.
Once portrayed as all but hopeless cases of overcrowding and ungovernability, even the largest of the world's cities have come to be seen more recently as centres of creativity and innovation, with the poorest inhabitants often the most innovative--in part, perhaps, because of the necessity of surviving in makeshift housing with poor municipal services, as described in UNFPA's State of World Population 2007: Unleashing the potential of Urban Growth.
Saudi Arabia is already Yemen's biggest aid donor, but its financial support may not be enough to brake the impoverished country's slide towards dangerous ungovernability.