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He has rather ungraciously offered her a place on his party list for the 2014 municipal election if she surrenders the position of mayor (Metro France, 2012).
Pistorius's halo went spinning across the Olympic stadium faster than a discus from Aled Sion Davies as he ungraciously blamed his defeat on the length of Alan Oliveira's blades.
And this is why Rachel Corrie and everyone else since 1948 has lost so ungraciously in their bid for justice where justice has no place.
He was ungraciously dubbed by some as the car park champion, not that he cared.
It was occasionally thankless part - he was rather ungraciously dubbed Mickey the Idiot by Christopher Eccleston's Time Lord - but it could have jump started a solid TV career.
When his father ungraciously refuses his proposal even as he bestows favor on Jake's brothers, Jake storms away, seeking help in an unexpected place.
Kirklees Council has ungraciously backed away from its proposals to close Sure Start Centres, although I would urge caution in taking this at face value.
Sir Walter Scott identified Elizabeth's mercenary impulse in his summary of Pride and Prejudice: "The lady, on the contrary, hurt at the contempt of her connections, which the lover does not even attempt to suppress, and prejudiced against him on other accounts, refuses the hand which he ungraciously offers, and does not perceive that she has done a foolish thing until she accidentally visits a very handsome seat and grounds belonging to her admirer.
Hearing their praises, the young mother--her name, they learned, was Merriem--became more at ease, and after finding out that none of the three was from Galilee, and they had never set foot in her native Nazareth, she related to these wise men from the East that it was really her fault that her husband, Joseph, treated the tired travellers so ungraciously.
In "Revelation," a self-satisfied farm wife, having thanked Jesus nightly for making her both lily-white and worldly well-off, is slugged in the head with a psychology textbook hurled by a Wellesley student, who calls her a warthog and commands her to "go back to Hell where [she] came from" Divine action does not graciously serve to elevate and heal the human world in Flannery O'Connor's fiction so much as it seems ungraciously to flatten and cancel it, the better to put something drastically different in its place.
I don't know where I'm supposed to find rocks," I said ungraciously, hating myself for it.
I mean, in most cases, after these men have achieved success with their faithful wives, they turn around and ungraciously dump them for a younger fresher model.