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Since then, however, France, in particular, has 'redeemed' itself from this initial ungratefulness.
Aguirre's letter blends the valiant services that he and his comrades had given the Crown with furious condemnation of Philip II's ungratefulness and the numerous injustices that they had endured at the hands of the Spanish Empire's greedy and corrupt officials.
However, the issue here is not the ungratefulness of the Arabs.
This would have straightened out our attitude of ungratefulness for our bounty while leaving us with our canned applesauce to get us through until we had another apple crop.
Despite Turkey's official and sincere support and its friendly policies, Iranian politicians' ignoring these facts and speaking against Turkey and moreover making false accusations against Turkey [claiming that Turkey has been meddling in Syrian affairs] can only be explained as ungratefulness," he says.
Such protests reflect ungratefulness when the police, administration and US government were going all out to identify the motive behind the attack and US policemen also risked their lives to save the innocent Sikhs in the Gurdwara," he said.
That such sympathetic approach is upheld even after experiencing the ungratefulness of some who were extended help when in distress, shows Um Ali's good heart, proving that there are people around us who are full of humane qualities.
Ultimately, Allah proved His power by destroying the wealth of the arrogant one because of his ungratefulness (kufr).
The Sudanese government last November voiced in favor of an Arab League's resolution suspending Syria's membership of the Pan-Arab body, drawing a strong rebuke from Damascus who slammed what it saw as Khartoum's ungratefulness to previous support it received from Syria.
People do not want to accept candor for reasons, such as a lack of confidence, ungratefulness, fear, arrogance, and a lack of understanding of the motives of those offering the candor.
Finally, Hanson decries what he views as the ungratefulness of Mexican immigrants, explaining they might have ten times their former status in Mexico, yet be churlish because their residence lacks central air conditioning.
started the tear of the motherland's bosom, because of some colonists who paid with ungratefulness the hospitality that was offered to them" (20).