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The Vice Prime Minister also visited the fuel depot of the Azat Corporation to check any ungrounded raise of coal prices.
The allegations that serve as the pretext for the July 22 operation will have a boomerang effect, because what we understand from the initial findings of the investigation is that the arguments of the government have been proven to be ungrounded.
The Ministry of National Defense warned that the accusations would jeopardize military relations and described them to be ungrounded, without ulterior purposes.
He said that ungrounded water in most areas of Sindh is brackish which causes health problems for people, however provincial government has taken various steps to provide potable drinking water including installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants for provision of drinking water to the people with special focus on desert, arid and coastal areas of the Sindh.
The ANC points out that the people's patience is exhausted by the recent ungrounded price boost, which causes the public
The Ditch Witch 830R/T high-frequency electronic locating can trace poor conductors, such as ungrounded tracer wire, and locate short lengths of utility infrastructure better than low-frequency units.
com)-- Koplovitz & Company today announced Kay Koplovitz has been selected by British Airways and its partners to participate in Ungrounded, the company's inaugural Innovation Lab in the Sky.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 13, 2013-Whurley selected by British Airways partnership for Innovation UnGrounded project(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The false explanation stemmed from a TEPCO official's ungrounded perception that the inside of the No.
These have been classified as "serious" and include employees exposed to falls from as high as 20 feet, an ungrounded power generator, unsecured and unmarked hole covers on the roof, a failure to supply fire extinguishers throughout the job site, and a lack of inspections "by competent individuals with the knowledge to identify and authority to correct hazards.
Abbas denounced the Israeli arrest of Aziz Dweik, Palestinian Legislative Council member, and said his arrest was 'unjust' and 'legally ungrounded.
Other options include choice of grounded or ungrounded elements in types J, K, or T; thin film or wire wound type RTDs in Class A or Class B; and two-, three-, and four-wire RTD models.