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Latinos in California and elsewhere have a long history of ungrudging loyalty to the Democratic Party, yet seldom has the party supported or contributed to Chicano victories in local elections.
A FAMILY of fund-raising fighters earn my ungrudging respect and praise this weekend.
Socrates makes it clear that the many could be persuaded of this only if they are gentle, ungrudging, moderate, and willing to let reason guide their actions (500a, 501c-d).
29) He made practical action a plank of his missionary program; "substantial bridges of understanding, sympathy and friendship," he maintained, could be built "out of little acts of simple, ungrudging kindness.
Yet, after deftly dismantling arguments against marijuana, Kleiman distances himself from the "more or less official, ungrudging tolerance" found in Amsterdam, with its "flagrant retail traffic in |coffee shops'", [285].
Recognition of his accomplishments took many forms, including an honorary degree from his alma mater, McMaster University, a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada, the first receipt of the Fisher Award in Canada, the ungrudging respect of his peers, and the undying affection of a host of colleagues and former students.
Finding ungrudging, reliable, timely and accurate help with proofreading in Canberra was the main drawback, so far as the printing arrangements were concerned.
EVERY soul hath its own Gethsemane, it's own tortured twistings on the rack of fierce anxiety, but always there is relief in the ungrudging acceptance of the will of God.
But despite that ungrudging admiration for PTAs, I just happen to be a school governor who has found the work to be totally absorbing and ultimately rewarding.