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These, he claims, range from the nihilism of the Surrealist artists to the support for Stalin, which "hurled the Left from one desperate position to another as it tried to find a leader or regime worthy of its ungrudging admiration.
Reader, you know the place needs work, ungrudging cultivation, a poet like you to weed in noonday heat, count pairs of small blue butterflies, repair the broken hearth, stoke fires with eucalyptus or mesquite.
There are two and a half times the indigenous flora here than in all of Europe," he added with a note of bewilderment and, as a European, ungrudging commendation.
Frank, ungrudging tributes, appreciative, priceless words that cast a sudden rainbow over existence.
His ungrudging face, his patience with those who stretched out their hands to him, the relaxed, patient and friendly faces of the beggars--it made quite a memorable scene.
Charles Taylor has articulated the idea of a "politics of recognition," focused on the claims of different groups for full and ungrudging respect.
House Judiciary Committee, Wendy Wiseman, and Allison Booth for the opportunity to become educated about this issue; to Professors Edwin Baker, Pamela Harris, Seth Kreimer, and David Rudovsky for their ungrudging assistance in developing the argument; to the members of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, who are singularly responsible for transforming an extremely rough draft into the essay that follows; and especially to my wife Karen, whose continuous encouragement and support for doing what I love has led me to study the law.
However, in the most admirably ungrudging manner - given how painfully guarded it's clear she is - Bourgeois divulges her secrets of survival and her emphatic need to prevail.
Latinos in California and elsewhere have a long history of ungrudging loyalty to the Democratic Party, yet seldom has the party supported or contributed to Chicano victories in local elections.
A FAMILY of fund-raising fighters earn my ungrudging respect and praise this weekend.
Socrates makes it clear that the many could be persuaded of this only if they are gentle, ungrudging, moderate, and willing to let reason guide their actions (500a, 501c-d).
Although a government may be erected on tyranny, to endure it needs the ungrudging support of substantial numbers of its people.