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Harrell Fletcher's appealing brand of community-based art may rely on the people, but the tone is more block party than party line; material and message seem to be ungrudgingly provided by the wide range of "ordinary" publics--schoolchildren, church choirs, convenience-store clerks--he engages.
In 1999 Ms Wall had her conviction for rape quashed and the DPP fully and ungrudgingly accepted she was entitled to be presumed innocent.
Poised as we are this day between liturgical reminders of the hope that springs from New Life and of the Epiphany, in which we reflect on the tribute wisdom still makes to transcendence, we who cast our lot with those who ride toward Bethlehem ought to persevere in that hope and, in practice of the deepest principle, carry along with us, ungrudgingly, literary resources of such hope for others.
The first thing that must be said, ungrudgingly, about Sultan Omar All Saifuddin III and Britain, is that it is a pioneering work which also invites admiration or envy for the monumental scope of its analysis and supporting documentation, researched and written in little more than two years, as the author states (p.
Unlike some performance cars, the Renault isn't bare and will still ungrudgingly transport five people and their luggage.
Convinced by the security of government enforcement that one's fellow citizens will cooperate in the provision of public goods, each citizen will ungrudgingly cooperate in turn.
We've made it clear, we're doing this ungrudgingly," said a Comcast spokesman.
Derrida ungrudgingly admits that he could not have accomplished anything without Heidegger (Bennington and Derrida, 1993).
For this land of northern France is a tranquil land where nature yields up her fruits ungrudgingly, and the broad cultivated plains and the gentle undulations covered with the carefully preserved and tended forest, sweep far and wide, like some mighty, prosperous, well-ordered market-garden, which knows neither burning drought nor the intolerable rigours of frost.
And the crowd handed them back their rightful title - ungrudgingly.
We left El Dragon earlier, needing sleep, needing the warmth our wives offered us ungrudgingly despite what we murmured in dreams.