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The creature's final promise to Walton and the reader is that he will immolate himself upon a funeral pile so that his "remains may afford no light to any curious and unhallowed wretch, who would create such another as [he has] been" (243).
I will not seek my Father's Hall: There peers the day's unhallowed glare, The wet moss crusts the parting wall, The wassail wind is reveller there.
This passage, which opposes the two terms of the title under review, places Milton and his party on the side of "Scripture," and his adversaries on the weak and unhallowed ground of "reasoning.
This malice shows it is unhallowed heat That boils your raw brains, and your temples beat.
253) Socrates forces Glaucon to confront the grotesque consequences of empowering the state over the family: a society in which every "illegitimate, unauthorized, and unhallowed child" shall be destroyed, so that "not one fetus see[s] the light of day," (254) and where the city's "fathers" shall decree that "brothers and sisters .
In particular, the letter warned against following the ruinous path taken by European nations, where the Sabbath was given over to "days of pastime, recreation and unhallowed sports".
Like Frankenstein's monster, these newly formed info-archipelagos within the academy may have proportional limbs and brilliant features, but they are, in essence, just unhallowed progenies of the cut-and-paste aesthetic, strung along the wide and disparate sea of knowledge.
78) The idea that religion should be promoted because it conduces to good citizenship, an idea that we often hear even today, Madison denounced as an attempt to "employ Religion as an engine of Civil policy," which he thought "an unhallowed perversion of the means of salvation.
Hark, villains, I will grind your bones to dust, And with your blood and it I'll make a paste, And of the paste a coffin I will rear, And make two pasties of your shameful heads, And bid that strumpet, your unhallowed dam, Like to the earth swallow her own increase.
He offered a fundamentally dichotomized view of love, illustrating how "closely allied are our virtues and our vices," for love may he "pure and virtuous," but it can also be "vicious," becoming "the burning lust of unhallowed and undisciplined passions.
Angell affirms that "they, like the subject and material, belonged to something horribly remote and distinct from mankind as we know it; something frightfully suggestive of old and unhallowed cycles of life in which our world and conceptions have no part" (134, emphases added).
Instead of dedicating itself to informing the reader of the unhallowed practices of its benighted subjects, it celebrates their capacity to conceal, to simulate, and to contrive.