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Consider, finally, an unhampered economy where no preferences are assumed to be constant, where the social time preference might rise.
Offering music from an array of genres and musicians, Radio Warehouse will transcend the blight pigeonholes of terrestrial radio stations, as well as be unhampered by corporate "suggested" play lists.
Moreover, it is important to ensure unhampered work of protective complexes, hydrotechnical constructions and pumping stations.
Through a unique blend of mind instruction and intense physical therapy, Gemma and others like her have been given new hope of a life unhampered by disability.
In his letter, Rosenthal said the department was ``turning its back'' on existing law in its failure to ``remedy and investigate this violation'' of the state Health and Safety Code, which stipulates that medical decisions must be unhampered by economic considerations.
He has not started to kick a ball yet but he is running freely and his movement is unhampered.
It performs well from -1,200 to 120,000 feet of altitude and has an I/O rate of up to 9,500 per sec, thereby guaranteeing unhampered operation of advanced defense equipment and weapons systems during critical military operations.
Fulda, Chairman and CEO, stated, "While we were hoping to grow unhampered after the final maturity of the debentures, other issues such as increased costs limited our ability to become profitable.
For a short time,fewer people may be able to ``travel extensively through Europe'' as Mr Griffiths does, yet, with stabilisation,more people should be able to share his pleasure,hopefully unhampered by those German grumbles ab out high prices, which so worried him.
Unhampered by HMO bean-counters or breast-implant lawsuits, he made house calls, treated superiors and underlings with equal respect, and served as a mentor to his younger, funkier colleague played by James Brolin.
With MediaMax we are able to provide our artists with maximum copy protection while offering our artists' fans with unhampered playability and bonus content, making it a 'win-win' proposition," said Deepak Bali of Plasma Records.
The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee said broad outlook, unhampered by regionalism, unencumbered by parochialism, unhindered by prejudices alone can make our nation great and ideal enough to lead the world.