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Although I come from a family of insufferably handy men--men able to wire a house, rebuild a transmission, of frame a wall without calling an expert or consulting a book-I am profoundly unhandy.
Unfortunately, however, that marketing doesn't address the toolboxes of the unhandy, who shudder at the phrase ``some assembly required'' and panic at any job complex enough to require instructions (as if we would read them).
If you are unhandy, you never have the right tool for the job.
James Isbister, in charge of Fort Albany on James Bay complained in 1743 that the company men were "intirly Unhandy in Cannoes.
Bezel lights: The bezel lights on top of the remote control unit may look like a handy place to hang stuff like helmets, but that has quite unhandy results.
These individuals "are not a kind of souls much to be envied in their generation" for they preach against comfort and philosophic complaisance, "are an unhandy set of fellows, often spoiling pleasant company; and have provoked eupeptic persons many a time to start up suddenly, and hang them, or crucify them.
It may not be a sin to be poor, but it is very unhandy and does not provide the opportunities in life that other learners have.
He has attack'd him like an unhandy Slaughterman; and not lopped off the Errors, but the Poet.
It is intended to be a drop-in part, and I guess it is--but being a bit unhandy, I took the new safety and my Ruger in.
As for the chuckle bros, Unhandy Andy and Never Ready Eddy, they'd be lucky to get a free hamburger for opening their local branch of McDonalds.
After a few hiccups my Unhandy Andy and his mate managed to put up the three big panels, using metal post holders.