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How did I keep it all going--I was even more inert and unhandy then.
Unfortunately, however, that marketing doesn't address the toolboxes of the unhandy, who shudder at the phrase ``some assembly required'' and panic at any job complex enough to require instructions (as if we would read them).
Bezel lights: The bezel lights on top of the remote control unit may look like a handy place to hang stuff like helmets, but that has quite unhandy results.
These individuals "are not a kind of souls much to be envied in their generation" for they preach against comfort and philosophic complaisance, "are an unhandy set of fellows, often spoiling pleasant company; and have provoked eupeptic persons many a time to start up suddenly, and hang them, or crucify them.
It may not be a sin to be poor, but it is very unhandy and does not provide the opportunities in life that other learners have.
He has attack'd him like an unhandy Slaughterman; and not lopped off the Errors, but the Poet.
It is intended to be a drop-in part, and I guess it is--but being a bit unhandy, I took the new safety and my Ruger in.
As for the chuckle bros, Unhandy Andy and Never Ready Eddy, they'd be lucky to get a free hamburger for opening their local branch of McDonalds.