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Elmer Cowley could not have believed that George Willard had also his days of unhappiness, that vague hungers and secret unnam- able desires visited also his mind.
What was strangest of all was, that the only real relief which seemed to make its way into the secret region of this domestic unhappiness, made its way there in the person of Mr.
It is to that I attribute the unhappiness of so many marriages we all know of in society.
There is no mistaking that sensation, so dismal, so tormenting and so subtle, so full of unhappiness and unrest.
These, however, when they do take place, produce no unhappiness, and are preceded by no bickerings; for the simple reason, than an ill-used wife or a henpecked husband is not obliged to file a bill in Chancery to obtain a divorce.
His countenance expressed uneasiness, and the occasional unquiet glances that he had thrown around him during the service plainly indicated some unusual causes for unhappiness.
This was the place Buckingham usually occupied; and when he entered the cabin, how profound was his unhappiness to see himself banished by etiquette from the presence of his sovereign, to a position inferior to that which, by rank, he was entitled to.
I won't say that, for unhappiness is according as one takes things, and Claire takes them according to some receipt communicated to her by the Blessed Virgin in a vision.
There was a yelling and scattering of Bandar-log in the new-budding branches above, and there stood Mowgli, his chest, filled to answer Mor, sinking in little gasps as the breath was driven out of it by this unhappiness.
This unhappiness had almost a concrete form - something resembling a horrid bat.
Colonel Wallis said it, and Lady Russell saw it; but it had been no unhappiness to sour his mind, nor (she began pretty soon to suspect) to prevent his thinking of a second choice.
But you must not let me bring any unhappiness into your life.