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Out in the back-pasture, a quail could flutter up under his nose unharmed.
It took all his strength to split those clinging bodies, and no sooner had he split them than Joe fell unharmed into another embrace and the work had to be done all over again.
It would not answer our question; it is necessary either that he return unharmed or be shot to death before our eyes.
It is a fine, airy, silver wine, such as fairies may drink at their revels, unharmed of it; but when a mere mortal sips of it, it mounts straightway to his brain, to the undoing of his daylight common sense.
As many of the children as could be kept within bounds, were stowed away, with all the other signs of dirt and poverty, among the donkeys, carts, and horses; and as many as could not be thus disposed of ran in and out in all intricate spots, crept between people's legs and carriage wheels, and came forth unharmed from under horses' hoofs.
AN elderly woman and her carer escaped a house blaze unharmed after cooking utensils caught fire.
RNLI spokesman Alan Sharp said: "Launching from Llandudno at 1pm, the lifeboat was alongside the disabled craft 10 minutes later and quickly took it in tow to Rhos harbour, where a local coastguard was waiting to assist its occupants, who were unharmed.
Emergency services attended but the driver was unharmed.
The player who guided the Mercury to the championship in the WNBA last September immediately took to social media her thanks for being left unharmed in the incident.
UNAMID said Ngoma appears to be unharmed and in good health.
The Ministry of External Affairs had yesterday assured that the nurses were safe and unharmed.
Summary: Miitig and his family were in house at time of 3:00 am (0100 GMT) attack, but escape unharmed.