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Jelineau to resolve the legal issues of maintenance and support raised by the unharmonious cohabitation of a husband, his wife, their child, his female slave, and her child by the husband.
The last line of Basho's haiku in the original is kaze no oto: of the twelve definitions of oto in the Kenkyusha dictionary, all but one refer to harsh and unharmonious noises: a din, the roar of wind or sea, a crash, a clap of thunder, a booming, a splashing (like that of the frog in the old pond).
King attempting particularly unharmonious harmonies), the album sounds great.
Alasdair MacIntyre, he of the sharp tongue and memorable phrase, calls moral pluralism a euphemism for "an unharmonious melange of ill-assorted fragments.
ldots] But from blacks, stark statistical statements of need are heard as strident, discordant, and unharmonious.
Other areas, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, would present a colorful, unharmonious kaleidoscope.
Too often while reading his translation I was reminded of an obsessive hobbyist painstakingly assembling some gingerbread castle out of prefabricated pieces: each piece has been correctly positioned in its specific slot, but the resulting structure is crabbed and unharmonious.
But suppose one could imagine the unharmonious coincidence of simultaneous chronologies constituting not so much a city but its architectonics, (1) the text a structure of social relation.
We recall that Arnold's contemporary, Ernest Renan, in the same vein, addressed his "Prayer at the Acropolis" to Apollo, the god of clarity, reason, and harmony, and that he asked for forgiveness for having concerned himself with the unclear, unreasonable, and unharmonious Semitic matters.
Despite the fact that there is nothing inherently unharmonious in this reading, adjudicators have been loath to do so.
Moreover, Japanese culture is said to resist the use of legal action(102) and to resist discussing unharmonious conflict--a discussion that writing a contingent contract requires.
Despite its impression of harmony and unity, tolerance, according to Brown, "is an internally unharmonious term" (25).