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In addition, SDSoC provides Xilinx libraries and optional hardware optimized libraries from Alliance Member Auviz Systems, to unharness the high performance and low power acceleration of programmable logic.
This research shows that we may have the potential to unharness regulatory cells, make millions of copies, and introduce them back into someone with autoimmune disease to shut down the disease.
We'll unharness the horse and feed him while you're milking, if you like.
When she reached the white gate, she saw Delia in the corner under the oak trees, watching Denis unharness Lofty and Stout; and when Denis saw Lucy he lifted her up on to Loftys back so that she rode proudly out of the field.
Descriptive Names--ArtisticSense, ClearBenefit, IndividualTaste, SpecialSkill - Suggestive Names--ChangeKey, MyBehalf, PureState, WarmColors - Arbitrary/Fanciful Names--Diggery, InstantSky, Obladee, Regato - Real-Word Names--Affusion, Hearken, Quarterstaff, Unharness - Coined Names--Goodspring, Minestein, Orbiteer, Skyrider.
Jim Manis is a visionary who has fought to unharness the incredible power of mobile technology with our better instincts.
Since the announcement of Wells Fargo Bank's takeover of First Interstate Bank, Glendale Federal has focused on winning over First Interstate customers through a marketing campaign that it has dubbed "Operation Unharness.
Operation Unharness and our mobile banks are geared to keeping our bank at the front of the charge in this marketing battle.