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An economy transformed according to Louis Kelso's binary economic growth model and his principles of economic justice w ould radically unharness the full productive power of modern technology and create directly the expanded private consumer power for sustaining and justifying vastly accelerated peacetime growth rates.
Native Speaker contains a classic confrontation between an immigrant father, who has prospered by unrelentingly driving himself, and his Americanized son, who resents his father's unwillingness to unharness himself from the job.
Traditional dog harnesses constantly got wet and mushers had to unharness their dogs, dry the harnesses, and hitch the dogs back up at every checkpoint.
The untapped reservoirs of unleashed human potential are continually available in any organization, just awaiting the kind of leadership that will unharness the power of this talent and energy.
This research shows that we may have the potential to unharness regulatory cells, make millions of copies, and introduce them back into someone with autoimmune disease to shut down the disease.