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A child, unharnessed in the back of a moving vehicle peeking from its sunroof.
Although Walker accepts the fact that their grandmothers were indeed springs of creativity, she bemoans the fact that these women's creativity remained unharnessed and unvented under the cruel system of slavery which led to their psychological oppression.
And there are other examples of voiced sound unharnessed to instrumental utility.
However, many of the possible energy-saving benefits of available energy use data in homes remain unharnessed.
He was smart, but with the type of unharnessed intellect that tends to land young men in trouble.
A resident of Sher Kala village, Rahimullah, said Sarda dam water remained unharnessed before the canal was rebuild.
If the same thing happened while unharnessed, Lane could have gone flying along with the board.
A horse with a dray attached waiting to be unharnessed was galloping off toward the narrow walled slope leading to the stables, jamming it tight.
2 billion, does not make the Top 30, because of low Internet penetration (10 percent) and poor financial and logistical infrastructure compared to other countries (see sidebar: India's Unharnessed Online Retail Potential on page 4).
Fortune favors the bold," as the saying goes, and Passon's midlife risk-taking, launched by a boy's unharnessed arm, has catapulted her to international acclaim.
He called upon the government to give special incentives to investors for bringing latest bio energy technologies in the country in order to tap the unharnessed potential of biomass resources.
Before the introduction of car seats for children in England, horrific images in the form of an advertisement played several times on television at peak periods, to demonstrate what would happen to an unharnessed child in the event of an accident in a vehicle at low speed.