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And fair play to the parents who accept they need help to break some of their children's unhealthier habits.
Children today may be taller, better fed and have more gadgets at their disposal; but they are a lot unhealthier and have about 15 percent less cardiovascular fitness than their parents had at their age -- as stated in a study presented about a year ago at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions.
After reading either a manga comic "Fight for Your Right to Fruit" or a newsletter unrelated to health, children were given the choice between healthy snacks such as oranges, grapes or strawberries or unhealthier options such as cookies, potato chips or cheese-filled crackers.
Overall, they rated t-shirts from the LPS group as having a more intense and unpleasant smell than the other t-shirts; they also rated the LPS shirt as having an unhealthier smell.
The researchers explained that the men who sleep less tend to have unhealthier lifestyles and weigh more, drink more alcohol and were more often smokers.
Generally, younger and/or healthier groups will pay more, while older and/or unhealthier groups will pay less.
Having a partner or being married improves the health prospects for both sexes - although having children means you are unhealthier than if you remain childless.
Ard points to the proliferation of fast food and processed foods, larger portion sizes, agricultural policies that support production of unhealthier foods and a decline in active lifestyles as some of the reasons behind the high rates of obesity in the United States -- approximately 36 percent among adults, 40 percent among seniors and 17 percent among young people age 2 to 19.
I dread sitting in a clinic as it seems a very unhealthy place; it seems even unhealthier than most of the offices where people can get sick faster than you can say: "No overtime".
The Government also needs to be aware of the location of takeaways and supermarkets have their part to play, as many of the two-for-one deals are on the cheaper, unhealthier foods.
This process, known as "off-gassing," means that breathing air inside a recently painted home can be much unhealthier than outdoor air.
Those who ate a moderate amount of red meat had a lower death rate, despite having unhealthier lifestyles compared to those eating the least red meat.