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Future research may consider the inferred relationship between unhealthiness and taste with respect to chain restaurant foods that vary in their levels of sodium vis-a-vis calories (Raghunathan, Naylor, and Hoyer 2006).
That aura grew to a new level of unhealthiness under Pope John Paul II, whose papacy centered in so many ways on his particular personality.
Training in spiritual or religious principles and philosophies seems to be positively correlated with a counselor's readiness to explore these same issues with clients (Constantine, Lewis, Connor, & Sanchez, 2000) while employing supervisors who are open to discussing religious and spiritual issues in supervision may better help student interns determine the difference between spiritual distress, spiritual immaturity, or spiritual unhealthiness (Hage et al.
As important and necessary denouncing racism is, always, such a denouncement will become mere elitist pontification with little effect if not coupled with another approach in dealing with those bodies, one that attempts to address the essence of their unhealthiness.
157) A student-written law review article identified the moratorium as "a new breed of governmental oversight of individual choice, with the potential to do tremendous good" due to the unhealthiness of fast food but ultimately rejected the move on the grounds that restrictions on choice that are aimed at minorities and the poor are "particularly disturbing," noting that the moratorium did not apply to all of Los Angeles, but only to the part of the city with the highest concentration of minorities.
age, Madison explained the choice by referring to the unhealthiness of
OCOVOV, a 501(c)3 organization, focuses its content and programs on equipping and empowering the communities poor and underprivileged with necessary tools to break down the walls of hate, poverty, unhealthiness, lack of learning and selfishness.
at 59 ("There must be more than the mere fact of the possible existence of some small amount of unhealthiness to warrant legislative interference with liberty.
The dirt, the filth and unhealthiness - all that has disappeared.
Nor can we attribute the absence of emphasis on creativity, spontaneity, meaningfulness and "others" to anything less than a cultural unhealthiness, in Fromm's terms.
The changes to working life and social living space are also themes explored in, for example, the novellas of Tage Skou-Hansen in Tredje Halvleg (Third Half, 1971) about the old working-class districts and the new dormitory towns of the 1960s, in Jens Smaerup Sorensen's novel Moerkedage (Red-letter Days, 2007) about the phasing-out of traditional agricultural culture, and in Kirsten Hammann's Fra smorhullet (From the Cosy Little Corner, 2004) about narrow-mindedness and unhealthiness in the double-loneliness of the welfare family.
labor, even in any department [sic], may possibly carry with it the seeds of unhealthiness.