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ACTRESS Eva Longoria has admitted her recent divorce sent her spiralling into unhealthiness.
Meanwhile, some concerns about the state of today's military--high turnover rates and erosion of a sense of professional commitment ("calling")--are indicative of unhealthiness among the relationships between the military and its Servicemembers that certainly needs to be addressed, but do not constitute the loss or reduction of professional status.
as a prime mover in the battle against urban unhealthiness, was the driving force behind the city's actions for safe food.
However, the fat of the pig's body also helped to convey medical notions of unhealthiness.
As manufacturers look to minimize unhealthiness in their products, alternative plant-based sweeteners are gaining importance.
308-309): that is both testimony to vitality and death, to an intensifying desire and a hint of clogging arterial unhealthiness.
The idea of an American coming to Japan and lecturing inhabitants about the unhealthiness of their food is absurd.
It's the year of the school greenings, apparently, as the nation has collectively woken up to the fact that: a) many school buildings are outdated and, as such, both inefficient and unhealthy; b) much of the food we sell or give to kids in school is processed garbage; c) kids really have become disconnected with nature, further contributing to physical and mental unhealthiness, and preventing them from forming the kind of bonds with the outdoor world that will make them want to stand up for the land, air and sea later on.
Third, in order to become virtuous agents, they must spend many years not just training their emotions and desires but also learning to take pleasure in doing the right things: They exhibit an emotional and desiderative balance that avoids the unhealthiness of repression and excess.
Gorrie said: "But the paramount effect of high temperature, in repressing the growth of Southern cities, arises from the unhealthiness of climate it induces .
While the Food4Thought campaign no doubt raised consumer awareness on the unhealthiness of traditional crisp brands, major player Walkers had been reformulating its crisps before the campaign began.
Covertly, we know what Dino's secret knowledge about Tito means to them; however, any possible future homoerotic encounter is managed by the narrator's emphasizing Dino's unnaturalness and unhealthiness, and given the pathological discourses about bachelor sexuality, we all know what that means.