unhealthy air

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Not to your knowledge; but you have inhaled unhealthy air, and it has left its effect.
Air pollution is one of the major environmental causes of death in the world and, according to a report published by the Boston-based Health Effects Institute (HEI), 92 per cent of the world's population lives in areas with unhealthy air.
Since October 2017, the air quality indicator in Chiayi has been surging often to a level above 100, signaling unhealthy air quality, but on Thursday it dropped to 41, the bureau said.
That dramatically improved the air quality for responders--diminishing health risks, reducing the time they had to suspend cleanup efforts because of unhealthy air, and allowing them to keep working to stop the uncontrolled spill and clean up the spilled oil sooner.
Authorities issued repeated alerts about unhealthy air and warned people to stay indoors, avoid vigorous outdoor activities and not do anything to stir up ash.
The US Environmental Protection Agency has not designated any areas of the country as having unhealthy air, missing an Oct.
We continue to add carbon with trees cut and burned to produce unhealthy air to breathe and escalate global warming.
Whether its stronger hurricanes, unhealthy air, or coastal flooding, Florida is already seeing the consequences of climate change caused by burning coal, oil, and gas, so its with reckless abandonment that Florida Power and Light is trying to burn even more gas in Dania Beach.
When mature trees are cut to produce paper, we also take the risk of inhaling unhealthy air or reducing our water supply.
Tips to Protect Yourself & Your Patients from Unhealthy Air
Residents earlier posted pictures on social media of the sun blotted out by the towering plumes and the South Coast Air Quality Management District issued a smoke advisory, warning of unhealthy air conditions in the region.
A lack of emission control standards, in addition to widespread coal-fired plants, an increase in vehicles on the road, numerous small-scale factories, outdoor cooking and the burning of biomass such as garbage creates thick, unhealthy air.