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Unfortunately, this plea for help was unheeded by the national government.
And yet her desperate pleas went unheeded by killer Ian Brady.
EMLYN Richards (Nuclear Warning Goes Unheeded, Daily Post Monday) recalls the misinformation and lies which accompanied use of the atomic bombs against Japan 67 years ago.
The Varsity administration was given ten-minute deadline which remained unheeded.
Summary: The Beirut and Tripoli Bar Associations threatened to go on strike if their demand to distance the judiciary from political bickering goes unheeded.
Arbroath's shouts for a penalty after Tony Wallace slid in on Gavin Swankie went unheeded - and shortly after Walker wrapped up the win.
He at least once sought to hold talks with Saudi leaders, but his bid went unheeded
AS HE is chief medical officer for the Turf Club, Dr Adrian McGoldrick's call for improvement in the standard for riding helmets should not go unheeded (Racing Post, February 15).
An anonymous appeal to Syrians to protest against the regime of President Bashar Assad went unheeded Friday, according to newspaper reports Saturday.
But, Craig Stiens, Leek, and Marcus Griffiths were unable to convert good chances while late appeals for a penalty went unheeded as the home side clung on for grim death to secure a famous victory.
SIR - We have recently been subjected to a series of stories about children and their cries for help going unheeded while they suffer abuse and the despair of not being listened to.
Public safety warnings go unheeded - such tragedies fail to drive home the message that tomorrow, this could be your child.