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In reply to this, the groom waxing very wroth, muttered a desire to damage somebody's person; but disappeared without carrying it into execution, slamming the door angrily after him, and wholly unheeding Sam's affectionate request, that he would leave him a lock of his hair before he went.
The boy, we soon learn, murdered the teacher's son five years before, and as the indrawn carpenter loads his car with tarp and rope and takes the unheeding teenager to a secluded lumberyard, the scene is evidently set for revenge.
Unheeding, he clipped kerbs the entire grid had been warned to avoid for fears of another failure.
Frances Burney, for example, uses it with two edges, when Camilla is enthusiastically dancing with the three-year-old son of poor people in a barn: "Miss Margland cast up her hands and eyes as she entered, and poured forth a warm remonstrance against so demeaning a condescension: but Camilla, in whose composition pride had no share, though spirit was a principal ingredient, danced on unheeding, to the equal amaze and enchantment of the poor man and woman, at the honour done to their little son" (260).
Unheeding, he stuffed the manuscript in his shirt and went to find Rowena.
To the hero of San Juan Hill, the battle was joined on a scale of no less than biblical proportion: " Fearless of the future, unheeding of our individual fates; with unflinching hearts and undimmed eyes; we stand at Armageddon and we battle for the Lord.
The Daily Mail quoted Loughton as complaining that these criminals had gone 'under the radar' because of the unheeding attitude within their community as well as 'political correctness and racial sensitivities' of the authorities outside.
the lynch mob as an unheeding, unstoppable force--a "terror"
But if the unheeding traveller stumbles upon a sand drift, it rarely swallows him whole.
Like Eliot's world, be went out with a whimper; Silent for days, with his appetite gone, He watched the traffic flow by, unheeding, His universe crumbling, his heart a stone.
Sanneh uses "inculturation" "only in the limited sense of critical indigenous appropriation as distinct from the unheeding imposition of foreign institutions or ideas" (Sanneh, Disciples 290 n.
Her father would harangue an unheeding dinner table over and over about how Nixon had "opened" China and brought about detente with Russia.