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Its surface where unpaved, is a green-black slurry of mud and excrement, through which the sandaled pilgrims unheedingly pad to the food stalls and souvenir shops, loud and gay with radios.
While cars unheedingly whiz by plaques commemorating major labor riots or Thomas Paine's grave, other figures like Red Jacket, Frederick Douglass and Eugene V.
Slick but empty direction from Joel Schumacher and Carrey's likability carry the film at times, but too often it plows unheedingly into the preposterous and unintentionally comic.
It is not my normal role at all, but I have round myself outraged by the sheer myopic silliness of otherwise reasonable citizens in the queue at the Post Office or at the Co-op checkout, and have been concerned to persuade them that there was no sinister alliance between our council and the bin-manufacturers, but rather that they were belatedly catching up with the rest of Europe in trying to help us learn more responsible attitudes to our unheedingly wasteful habits.
The message was lost on the Pioneer itself -- which unheedingly recorded the frenzied waving of white cloth and flew onward -- but it was not lost on the military, Congress or the contractor community.