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If that is the kind of climate shift we cannot avoid having by 2050, it will hardly be unhelpful to Wales.
Now, fascism is one of those unhelpful words, but it is a word, and has a meaning.
There is a contents list down the left-hand side covering projects, jobs, contacts, an overly long practice history and an unhelpful search engine.
Now that I have matured, I can throw away everything which is unhelpful and invent something new.
In this issue, important information contradicting the author's premise is ignored, facts are frequently distorted, and unhelpful vitriol is included.
We view those parts are unhelpful, and the use of force is a message that we, the United States, oppose.
The move was immediately criticized by both sides in the argument as unhelpful.
My primary objection to the apparatus is directed at the unhelpful index and table of contents.
That's why crude denunciations of bare-backing strike me as dumb and unhelpful.
Her female friends and roommates seem equally clueless and singularly unhelpful.
One of Dooley's principal achievements, in fact, is to make clear how artificial and unhelpful many of these boundaries really are, as this really is a social history of skepticism in the broadest possible terms.
It concludes that the debate over "new" versus "old" is unhelpful and that the perceived shortcomings of business and financial reporting do not easily lend themselves to a simplistic and single solution.