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Mazda has traditionally earned high praise for its products and dealers, unlike Mercedes-Benz whose dramatic turnaround is in stark contrast to its abysmal reputation for arrogance and unhelpfulness just a few years ago.
THE investment by Racing For Change in coaching jockeys, trainers and others in media relations and public relations skills seems to have had some effect, although the changes in some cases from taciturn unhelpfulness have bordered on the corny with over-the-top forced sincerit.
It took up that mantle after being frustrated by Iran's unhelpfulness after Zahra Kazemi, a dual national Iranian-Canadian, died after a beating Evin prison in 2003.
This Article proposes that two types of evidence--evidence that provides factual, background information about mental disorder and evidence that describes a defendant's pre-offense history of mental disorder--are both generally helpful and trustworthy, and should not be excluded absent a particularized finding of unhelpfulness or untrustworthiness.
The importance of communicating with children in a child-friendly way was exemplified by two children who talked about the unhelpfulness of social workers.
What a contrast to Northern's unhelpfulness, rudeness and poor service
A FOR some reason - probably a throwback to the old days of Soviet bureaucracy and general unhelpfulness - the Russians make it as awkward as possible to just jump on a plane and visit the place.
Rise above their unhelpfulness and draw on the strength from the stars to find your solution.
30) But the present analysis of lawsuits and prosecutions involving illegitimacy suggests both the considerable resilience of popular culture and the unhelpfulness of simple dichotomies between popular and elite culture.
Prof Tomaney said: "This is a study in unhelpfulness by the mayor's office and it doesn't bring great credit to the mayor of North Tyneside.
The incident made famous by Ernest's biographers of his mother insisting he get a job at twenty-one after a summer of loafing and unhelpfulness was just a little drama.
Many scholars have pointed out the unhelpfulness of terms such as "universalism" and "particularism" in discussions of Judaism and Christianity.