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Glyn Ford describes the unhelpfulness of western policy towards North Korea.
They give reasons ranging from the unhelpfulness of tech people to not knowing whom to call to not even knowing that they (often) get free tech support with their computers.
The importance of communicating with children in a child-friendly way was exemplified by two children who talked about the unhelpfulness of social workers.
Hsv' in the list 'Sigla used in this volume'; and the unhelpfulness of some of the bibliography entries, such as the one reading simply 'GBpB = Gudmundar saga biskups ('B').
What a contrast to Northern's unhelpfulness, rudeness and poor service
152) On the unhelpfulness of European Community law in the s 92 context, see Simpson, 'Grounding the High Court's Modern Section 92 Jurisprudence', above n 122, 477-8.
Anne McClintock has described the unhelpfulness of doing this, since all subjectivities are interdependent and mediated.
A FOR some reason - probably a throwback to the old days of Soviet bureaucracy and general unhelpfulness - the Russians make it as awkward as possible to just jump on a plane and visit the place.
Rise above their unhelpfulness and draw on the strength from the stars to find your solution.
Lee decries this kind of "stereotypes are true" reasoning, compellingly demonstrating the unhelpfulness of statistics in justifying stereotypes.
30) But the present analysis of lawsuits and prosecutions involving illegitimacy suggests both the considerable resilience of popular culture and the unhelpfulness of simple dichotomies between popular and elite culture.
Prof Tomaney said: "This is a study in unhelpfulness by the mayor's office and it doesn't bring great credit to the mayor of North Tyneside.