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As we mourn the loss of this hailed officer, let us not diminish the worth of the many innocent children unheroically cut down in the crossfire of gang warfare.
Governing unheroically (and sometimes unappetizingly): Bush and the 101st Congress.
but unheroically, by means of representative government (which is no government), by universal suffrage, bargains with the mob, and the prate of parliamentarians.
3) It's true that in Between Friends the Canadians die unheroically.
The fictional president reacts to the death toll at the Tlatelolco massacre by blaming the student victims for their defiance, and by memorializing as a hero martyr the one soldier who was killed quite unheroically when he took off his helmet to scratch his head (El gran solitario, 136).
His narrative skill consists in laying out before us haunted landscapes and high-relief characters who unheroically yet steadily push back against the blackness.
They are different from habitual quiz players who tend, unheroically, to memorise lists of facts.
As a result, Adeline the heroine keeps committing, rather unheroically, the same mistakes over and over again.
Hartington realistically, if unheroically, recognised from the outset that her equivocal reputation would make her unacceptable to his father and the rest of the family, who of course expected the very eligible marquis to marry someone from his own class.
26) The frightened poet flees, unheroically, the verb kateteina (5) implying tension, exertion and speed: its basic meaning is to 'stretch' something (a cable, broken bone, marking line), used metaphorically for straining, exertion, running (stretching the legs) and striving.
Shortly afterwards, in 1422, he died unheroically of dysentery.