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These sorry figures are made to pass very unheroically through a series of burlesque adventures.
In 1422 he died unheroically of dysentery at the French Castle of Vincennes.
Emerson knows full well that "brains are so marred, so imperfectly formed, unheroically,--brains of the sons of fallen men,--that the doctrine [of correspondence] is imperfectly received," but nevertheless we are not by our natures trapped in a meaningless universe but rather, by our natures full of potential, no matter how imperfectly realized (CW 8:42).
Aeneas's story of Troy's fall implies that the Greeks triumphed unheroically by fraud, signally by Sinon's "tall tale and fake tears.
After the defeat of Antony in 31 BC, 'Caesar' was a name which resonated across all strata of Roman society, either heroically with partisans, his veterans, and those yearning for peace at any price, or unheroically, not only with Ciceronians, Pompeians and Antonians, but also with the proscribed, the vanquished, and the bereaved, including countless innocent bystanders now displaced from home and deprived of livelihood by the victor's determination to reward his veterans with their land.
The Governor's Mansion is one of the very few political novels in which a conservative Republican is presented sympathetically, if unheroically.
After losing my grip, I endured the rest of the slide upside down, with my bum sticking up very unheroically.
As we mourn the loss of this hailed officer, let us not diminish the worth of the many innocent children unheroically cut down in the crossfire of gang warfare.
Governing unheroically (and sometimes unappetizingly): Bush and the 101st Congress.
3) It's true that in Between Friends the Canadians die unheroically.
The fictional president reacts to the death toll at the Tlatelolco massacre by blaming the student victims for their defiance, and by memorializing as a hero martyr the one soldier who was killed quite unheroically when he took off his helmet to scratch his head (El gran solitario, 136).
They are different from habitual quiz players who tend, unheroically, to memorise lists of facts.