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While a tatami room and a room for a child occupy the eastern portion of the first floor plan, dining, cooking and recreation spaces flow into one another unhindered by vertical partitions.
The right of unhindered and unrestricted access to all religious sites in the country for everybody was tested recently when 400 "untouchables" (out caste) Hindus entered for the first time the temples of Pashupatinath and Gujheshowri--the holiest of Hindu temples in Nepal--and offered mass worship.
Unlike the storefronts that can be repaired in a few days, the hillsides scraped clean of trees and the silted-up salmon streams are ruined for a lifetime," says Lance Howell, a woodworker from the Northwest who joined the throngs protesting the unhindered flow of global trade.
And they are happy to be exactly where they are in professional skating--free to create, unhindered by rules and restrictions.
Unfortunately, courts have too often, for instance, found that government regulation of the human right to own property in land may proceed unhindered so long as some discernible sliver of value remains to the landowner.
As a next-generation technology company, Quintek is unhindered by outdated information technology systems, and thus is able to deploy best-of-breed solutions in all aspects of BPO.
It called on Israel and Egypt to immediately lift the siege and blockade of Gaza and permit the unhindered reconstruction of the Gaza Strip as well as permitting unhindered access to media, humanitarian, and human rights organisations.
The ADB expressed concern over disbursement of second tranche of loan $150 million for regenerating the country's capital market as approval of service rules memo and unhindered access to own fund of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) are still pending.
Police will close junctions ahead of the bus to make certain the parade continues unhindered.
The sorts motivated by money, obviously, not unhindered by the boundaries of good taste.
NOT the so-called madcap comedian, although the Buffalo wide receiver's act also involve plenty of running around - mostly towards Houston's end zone on Sunday and largely unhindered by Texans defenders.
Why can't these people get proper jobs like rest of us instead of stopping people from going about their everyday business unhindered.