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I hated my hands that had no power, my voice that could not be heard, my very mind that would not become unhinged.
She was very pale, and the hand which Dolly held was quite cold; but she bade her, nevertheless, remember that, under Providence, much must depend upon their own discretion; that if they remained quiet and lulled the vigilance of the ruffians into whose hands they had fallen, the chances of their being able to procure assistance when they reached the town, were very much increased; that unless society were quite unhinged, a hot pursuit must be immediately commenced; and that her uncle, she might be sure, would never rest until he had found them out and rescued them.
But in the middle of all this felicity, one blow from unseen Providence unhinged me at once; and not only made a breach upon me inevitable and incurable, but drove me, by its consequences, into a deep relapse of the wandering disposition, which, as I may say, being born in my very blood, soon recovered its hold of me; and, like the returns of a violent distemper, came on with an irresistible force upon me.
He is quite unhinged by serious illness--that's the reason.
His public and failed attempt to raise her from the dead further unhinged his precarious mental framework until it was reset, along different lines, by Robert Matthews.
In Unhinged mode, players can now steal wedges, bet as to whether other players will answer correctly, earn and spend bonus points, as well as a plethora of additional special moves and squares.
His swaggering, unhinged style on videos has drawn thousands of fighters and has earned him a reputation as part spiritual leader, part gangster.
Well, Lithgow's exuberantly over-the-top performance can be kind of scary, and co-creator Marsh McCall's script tonight only encourages his unhinged lunacy.
With masterful technique and an unhinged mad scene, she commanded the first act.
A spokesman says: 'Although Cervantes never gave any indication for the reason of his hero's madness, in this production, it is the trauma of war which has unhinged the mind of Don Quixote.
Despite being mentally unhinged, Michael is not a wholly unsympathetic character.
If psychiatrists decide Elgizouli is fit for freedom, then they must be as unhinged as he is.