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However, at last I put him so out of humour, that he took up a rash and fatal resolution; in short, I should not go to England; and though he had promised me, yet it was an unreasonable thing for me to desire it; that it would be ruinous to his affairs, would unhinge his whole family, and be next to an undoing him in the world; that therefore I ought not to desire it of him, and that no wife in the world that valued her family and her husband's prosperity would insist upon such a thing.
Hacking does not think that McDowell's use of 'putative reality' helps, because it leaves open the possibility that Costello's putative reality shows that she is unhinged, when in fact, as Hacking puts it, it is 'reality itself that unhinges her' (152-3).
The film's narrative unhinges in front of the camera, as all the characters walk onto an abandoned set and join hands in a long celebratory chain, every one of them connected: friends, enemies, passing acquaintances--figures large and small, having inhabited scene after scene or having appeared only for an instant--a moving frieze of players who made each other possible.