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Neville Morley, in a piece entitled 'Unhistorical Greeks', begins by noting Nietzsche's assertion in Vom Nutzen and Nachteil der Historie fur das Leben that the Greeks live unhistorically.
But if you're going to unhistorically essentialize Othello's part as "written for a black man," if you're going to perform a minstrel version of hip-hop, if you're going to claim that a Moor "obviously" meant "a black person," when it had a much more complex range of associations in "the sixteenth century" (Othello was written and performed in the next century)--then I suppose it shouldn't be shocking that the long-standing anxiety about inter-racial marriage and black male sexuality, always at issue in American Othellos, should well up in a joke about penis size.
76-78, here explained more clearly than ever before, even though unfortunately, and unhistorically, conflating the use of this New Haven -q with an entirely different and unrelated quirk of the earliest hankul texts, i.
And in the final scene, unhistorically and anomalously, it is the Mayor, a civic and mercantile official, and not an assize judge or magistrate, who sentences the criminals and sends them to execution.
If our judges do not trust Justinian, they might invoke Shakespeare: in his Henry VI Part I, he shows Joan of Arc most unhistorically as a witch and a strumpet who "pleads her belly" when she has been condemned to be burned at the stake:
On the other hand, by looking at the past mainly, if not exclusively, to find the origins of the superior present, the authors of the grand narrative unhistorically ignored those features of past cultures that were not compatible with a modern liberal West.
Dainotto's cautionary overview of the region concept likewise loses sight of the underviews and histories of struggle of peoples committed to place in specific locations, and unhistorically considers the identification of Americans with region as a recent phenomenon.
In short, Spencer Senior, historically Marquess of Winchester, is also, unhistorically, Earl of Wiltshire in the play.
I don't claim that Selznick and his team, back in 1939, consciously intended these parallels; but they are demonstrably there, and I think we should be as cautious of reading a film over-historically as we should be of reading it unhistorically or ahistorically.
An anti-teleological stance is not the same as living unhistorically -- the latter produces a situation which would, ultimately, support the status-quo of the master-narrative.
For moderns this is a problem so long as philosophy is unhistorically idiosyncratic or scientifically puzzling.
As Philip Edwards writes, "Quite unhistorically Shakespeare introduced his quartet of the Welsh Fluellen, the Irish Captain Macmorris, the Scottish Captain Jamy, and the English Gower as a tribute to the Tudor idea of Britain as a union of peoples setting out to conquer foreigners.