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Unabashedly a prosecution," Unhitched does little to stray from the usual ad hominem critiques to which Hitchens is usually subjected.
A spokesman for Cleveland Police said: "It appears the caravan has become unhitched from the vehicle towing it then hit a commercial vehicle which has smashed it to pieces.
Impatient with the same positions being taken in the wars over divorce, marital fidelity, and same-sex marriage, she set out to document unfamiliar cultures of love, marriage and family around the world--and UNHITCHED is the result of her global survey.
A horse stands tied to a city bus stop, its vegetable-laden cart unhitched nearby, as fancy cars crawl through the traffic.
They went up the road about half-a-mile and unhitched the chip van.
After forcing the council van driver to stop, they brazenly unhitched his trailer, hooked it to their van and made off towards the Law area.
The days of mobile billboards - those large advertisements sitting atop unhitched trailers that obstruct views and take up space on city streets - could be numbered.
In addition to tracking trailers in transit, the system informs DTTS operators when a trailer is unhitched from its truck or a trailer door is opened.
He unhitched a heavy milk keg hanging inside a burlap bag from a second pulley.
Butler's father, who was driving behind him, ran to help and unhitched the through the air alongside the train.
But as he unhitched it and pushed it on to the pavement the warden struck.
We will walk through an unusual tunnel built for the unhitched canal ponies while the barges "legged it" through the longer tunnel.