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Downside: Having to get out of the car to unhook and re-hook the chain.
Instead of looking back to see if someone was there to unhook the tractor, I just drove away.
He was able to remove the occupant from the vehicle, unhook the two line, and help both individuals to safety.
The quick hitch systems for farm wagons and trailers allow tractor operators to hook and unhook rapidly, safely and directly in the comfort of the driver's seat.
All week long, whenever the dog's collar-watch beeped, Janie was there to unhook Patches.
After your performance, let the dresser unhook and help you remove your costume and hang it up.
Third: Revise the design schedule to expedite owner/designer decision making needed for early bid packages so as to unhook them from dependency on later elements of design.
It's fairly simple to unhook one that has been caught in the scissors.
He told the court he bent down to unhook a strap which had been caught under the clutch.
A kid is too old to be breastfed when he can unhook his mother's bra with one hand.
They say they're itching to do it but normally just unhook their bikinis.
They used a device to reach through a letterbox at The Croft, Bulkington, and unhook a set of keys before driving away in a Renault Kangoo Estate.