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The victim, who was towing the rig along the A179 near Hartlepool, pulled over and unhooked the trailer after it suffered a punctured tyre.
The other two girls had unhooked themselves and were free in the water," said Laura's mother, Lynne, aged 51, from Woodborough, Nottinghamshire.
Good thing, because we four dozen tourists were just a few feet away, lined up behind a low fence that didn't start looking puny and insubstantial until the cheetah was unhooked from its leash.
I caught a sea robin once, a prehistoric-looking thing with a spiny, rock-hard exterior that made a lot of noise when you unhooked it.
Once the missile was on the ground, the crew unhooked the MK24 bar and put a radome cover block on the AIM-120C.
In order to do this, they had to remain true to a community, and thus were unhooked from the forces of normal history.
Paddy thought she was joking until she unhooked her microphone and legged it - very swiftly - from the set.
An experimental 8 Tesla magnet at the University of Ohio has produced extraordinarily detailed images--and is so powerful it unhooked the bra of a visitor standing at a respectful distance outside.
Astonishing people in the court building, he ripped off his uniform epaulettes, unhooked the security tag from around his neck and walked out of the court into the distance and presumably a new future.
Morrison unhooked his trailer and used his tractor to move the truck out of the way to restore traffic flow.
Sickles, pitchforks and the old hunting gun were unhooked from the walls, and an appeal swept the land for the rapid establishment of the peasants' and artisans' republic.
Twelve hours later, before the school bus arrives, Nathen is unhooked, given an injection and drinks a special formula which he continues to drink every two hours throughout the day.