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London, January 27 ( ANI ): A Japanese lingerie brand has launched a bra that will only unhook by the woman's "true love".
1 ACT: Pretending to read a paper' 2 SWOOP: He moves in for kill' 3 SNATCH: He unhooks box from the till' CLICKED: Thief
Redl (like Flavin, and in opposition to Holzer) unhooks his signage medium from any verbal message, but, already delicately balanced between its commercial connotations and formal properties, when the work is installed in a blatantly commercial context-as in Redl's piece at the Madison Avenue Calvin Klein store-it might as well be an ad.
No tools are needed to install the basket, and it easily unhooks from the bike to conveniently go from grocery store to refrigerator door.
The bra will tweet to her nearly 149,000 followers in Greek, reminding them to perform breast self-exams, every time she unhooks it.
2) Jason Morton, a professional bass guitar blues and jazz musician, unhooks a fish near Leo Carrillo State Beach.
The Mouse-Sense3D is a sourceless headtracker which instantly unhooks to become a 3D mouse or body position tracker.