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e unhurried approach only served to help us enjoy the meal more.
Washington, July 14 ( ANI ): Volunteering our limited time, giving it away, may actually increase our sense of unhurried leisure, a new study has suggested.
FIRE Bold, pioneering, competitive, driven, direct and determined EARTH Adaptable, systematic, logical, patient, relaxed and unhurried.
Syria, same as the entire Arab region, is passing through a critical and sensitive stage that requires an unhurried reading of all political developments and consecutive transformations and changes in addition to demonstrating maximum degrees of responsibility in a way that preserves the region' s stability and avoids sliding into chaos, divisions and disintegration on one hand.
Fran's unhurried vocals contrast well with his dark lyrics.
Educational programs in dental hygiene appear unhurried to adopt and require the use of loupes.
Hes big on enunciation and cadence, sporting a clear, unhurried delivery that gives care to each syllable and an authority to sometimes pedestrian rhymes,.
Holmes: The wind lays into the leaves/broadfisted:/his power's been tested/and he foresees/he shall have a claim to days/long after/all leaves are buried:/hear then his laughter,/iron, unhurried,/over their lime-white graves.
He praised the decision by the Fed and Treasury Department and said it would give lawmakers "a chance to act in an unhurried manner on my legislation to undo this regulatory excess by the Bush administration and to undo this ill-advised law.
Whether in the company of one special friend or many, "An Invitation to Tea" will inspire the ritual of sharing that "happens when we bother with the little extras that feed the soul and nurture the senses and make space for unhurried conversation.
Elephant Tom", an elliptical, unhurried, easy-going chap, represents a close friend of Tom Cat Benedikt.