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The text and words create a thoughtful and unhurried story based on oral histories from several generations of Bancroft's family, as well as some of her favourite childhood memories.
Watch him on a first-time maiden and initially you will witness unhurried education, then an invitation to move into contention, and, if good enough, to take the lead where it counts.
AN unhurried and nomadic way of life, with the excitement of new places to explore every day, is what both helps and hinders the artist Martyn Vaughan Jones.
One for lovers of tear-jerking romance who also have the patience to cope with an unhurried plot.
I think the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is a vital connection between you and your grandchild; that blossoms fully when the child has your undivided attention in an unhurried atmosphere.
On the contrary, we have created somewhere extraordinary where couples can relax with their guests in a tranquil, unhurried and private atmosphere.
THERE'S a black cat living across the way He sits in the window every day Watching the traffic and passers-by Nothing escapes his vigilant eye Silent, inscrutable, calm, unblinking No-one can ever tell what he's thinking Black cats are lucky, it's often said This one is - he's sleek and well-fed An unhurried and leisurely life he leads His owners provide him with all he needs No deadlines to meet, no appointments to keep He sits there contented and half asleep Then he stretches out lazily, turns around Slips back through the curtains without a sound.
Alec said: "I was impressed with the sharks' languid approach and the patterns and swirls that formed as the fish took unhurried evasive action.
Bill Oddie and Kate Humble, unhurried by global warming, return to Devon just as spring should be being sprung.
A large part of the novel's charm is its subtlety and unhurried pace but this production loses some of that with some overblown acting.
It is convenient to Point Reyes National Seashore, and is an ideal place to take up residence for an unhurried sampling of the various artisan tastes of western Marin County.
Acclaimed indie director David Gordon Green made the impressive cult hit George Washington, but gets the pacing all wrong here, trying to pack his flimsy story with unhurried emotion when he should be moving things along.