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Pedalling unhurriedly through the country lanes, you can hear the rustle of the forest come alive and enjoy the whiff and heady scent of flowers in bloom.
How frustrating to be behind the person who waits to get to the machine before fumbling in her purse for her card, slowly and deliberately taps in the PIN, obtains a balance, peruses it three or four times, decides on an amount, checks the figure, retrieves the card, unhurriedly returns it to her bag, takes the notes, checks it again, obtains the receipt and secretes them all before moving off and, sometimes, completing the same procedure with another card.
com) just outside the park boundaries and pedal unhurriedly along the seawall.
The idea is to linger unhurriedly, just like a skilled sculptor among the wonderful objects of this constellation, because it is just like the sculptor.
To an ambient soundtrack of distant rumbling overlaid with bright, splashy notes, five dancers (three women and two men) arranged themselves unhurriedly and precisely in various configurations within the space.
Unperturbed by our attention, the snake moves at a leisurely pace, covering dusty ground effortlessly, unhurriedly.
A novel that begins with hookwormridden heirs living in desolation concludes with good stock unhurriedly and tranquilly peopling the good earth.
Its dignified tone, the way it moves unhurriedly from thought to thought, knowing that it will eventually arrive at its conclusion, expresses the confidence of age.
With no narration or potted interviews, the documentary unfolds unhurriedly but memorably before our eyes.
If a plan is in place, all of these factors can be considered unhurriedly and methodically before the alarm bells sound so that if, and when a breach occurs, it can be dealt with in an organized manner, instead of in crisis mode.
As President Bush unhurriedly struggles to salvage the catastrophic failure he has created, every day three more American and countless Iraqi families are told that someone they love is gone.