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Daniel doesn't care enough to find out what's happening; he puts his shoes on unhurriedly.
Although closely pursued by the gulls it flew unhurriedly off to the west.
He'd be whispered about at the watercooler, stared at in the canteen, yet he would be oblivious to this and instead would simply go unhurriedly, unworriedly about his work in his habitually efficient, hugely competent and thoroughly unspectacular fashion.
One early scene finds Gyorgy in the bath at home, unhurriedly playing with a toy floating across the surface of the water.
TATYANA, now standing in the middle of the room, looks around her unhurriedly.
To the right in the arch the deer, a hart, is tearing bark off the tree and unhurriedly eating--another evidence that Yggdrasil is not far away.
The first day of Eid holidays started at a leisurely pace in the Capital with residents unhurriedly going about their ways in the morning, seemingly reserving the merrymaking for the evening when the celebration usually comes in full swing.
The definition denotes "enjoying something unhurriedly.
I was overcome with an ineffable feeling of anxiety, just long enough to see him moving away, walking unhurriedly his back arched towards the other girl.
He unhurriedly retreats toward the parapets, and although the elongated object in his hand bounces comically as he parries and ripostes, he is the stronger swordsman, and his opponent cannot break through his guard.
Just as the big (preferably Italian) coffee machine whooshes and hisses to work its magic, tea must be allowed to brew in the pot, unhurriedly, before being carefully poured into cup or mug, milk in either first or after, however you choose.
While the US breaks down problems and tries to find solutions for each part, China considers political problems unhurriedly, as an extended process that might have no resolution.