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April 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- DISH Network Corporation today announced the launch of DISH Earth, a channel exclusively available to DISH Network customers, offering dramatic live views of Earth 24 hours per day, including passing views of the moon, Venus, and even unidentified flying objects.
Spokesman Stephen McNamara said: "Ryanair confirms that the captain of flight FR 1397 officially reported an unidentified flying object some 200km south of Oslo.
As first reported by the Houston Chronicle, devoted UFO viewers reported twice in the past week that they could spot an Unidentified Flying Object near the International Space Station, through NASA's live webcam.
The witnesses claim that the unidentified flying object was flying low over the area at the time of the UFO sighting.
Mr Harpe, from Whitby, has come to the conclusion it must be an unidentified flying object after hearing of numerous sightings made in the area.
A PASSENGER jet's crew have reported a close encounter with an unidentified flying object.
Perhaps UFO - the acronym for unidentified flying object - also stands for unlimited financial opportunity.
and if it is indeed an unidentified flying object - then, it would be an experimental aircraft or some sort or another," Larry Winfrey wrote.
The Ministry of Defence has said it will not be investigating photographs apparently showing an RAF plane being followed by an unidentified flying object.
The Western Unidentified Flying Object Society (WUFOS) was founded a few weeks ago.
An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reportedly being spotted hovering around the Waglan Island, Hong Kong, China on 27 March 2014.
London, Dec 13 (ANI): An unidentified flying object has reportedly been filmed hovering above pro-democracy protestors in Moscow.

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