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The Unification Church first began drawing attention when Moon started holding mass weddings, officiating the arranged marriages of thousands of couples at a time.
The difference lies in the fact that, whereas the moderates want unification by peaceful means, the radicals under post-1090/91 circumstances want this to materialise by evicting the US and other Western forces from the Arabian Peninsula and punishing those unbelievers (non-Muslims called kuffars) who stand in their way.
More pertinent, however, is the passionate anti-communism of the Unification Church, visible in its support of the World Anti-Communist League and ownership of the arch-conservative Washington Times.
However, the main argument for a unified European private law is based on political and economic reasons, not to mention motives of consumer protection which have already spurred a great deal of unification.
Secondly, changes in the Oji Paper Group's business structure will include the transfer and unification of more than ten operation offices.
The primary unification instrument, the Treaty on the Establishment of German Unity, detailed the Basic Law amendments that were immediately essential to effectuating unification.
Testing unification theories directly appears to be impossible, however, since the phenomenon would only occur at energies in the range of [10.
The main story in Marco Santoro's essay on "Notaries, the State and the Market Principle" tells how notaries were reduced in the early years of Unification to mere "stamp-lickers," only to be rescued by the state with a reform package in 1913 that imposed elitist educational requirements for entry, set higher fees, required more use of their services, restricted competition from municipal officers, and allowed absenteeism.
How that unification occurred is less easy to define.
World WBC super-middleweight title holder Benn has offered WBO champ Collins a pounds 1million Gold Trafford purse for a unification fight at the home of Manchester United next June.
To distinguish itself from the Unification Church, a new company called the New Yorker Hotel Management Company was formed as a commercial, taxpaying company to operate the hotel.
Peter-Klaus Schuster, and Henry Meyric Hughes) do mention the political context of Romanticism, that is, how some artistic currents took shape alongside the German longing for unification and national identity during the Napoleonic occupation in the early 19th century.