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Since these eerily prophetic words were written, the horizon has indeed been tainted by an unimaginably vile, inky darkness.
At a time when American society was almost unimaginably more openly anti-Semitic than it is today, their background was something to deny.
Tom Jones turning dinner into something unimaginably erotic.
Probably one of too few brief moments of humour to lighten four unimaginably dark years, but one he always remembered.
THE emergency services have to deal with some unimaginably difficult things.
No, Debs, you simply rolled up your sleeves, went back to your country estate and got on with your unimaginably privileged lives while the servants made tea.
And if the last British soldier ever does get to leave Afghanistan in 10 or 20 years time it will largely have been because of the unimaginably dangerous and valuable work the OMLTs are doing.
We will deal unimaginably deadly blows at the US imperialists and the South Korean puppets if they ignite a war, obsessed with a foolish ambition.
HANNAH Jones and her family are going through an unimaginably traumatic ordeal.
To put a public servant in fear of their life like that is unimaginably cruel.
In any event, it is hard to express how unimaginably low the levels of pharmaceuticals found in drinking water were.
Ronnie, on remand in the tough Kerobokan jail, said last night: "Life is unimaginably grim here.