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ii) The state of comfort and being which is unfraught and unimpassioned existence ('Going good
And, because the images in the show are all taken from film stills and other archival material, they seem distanced and unimpassioned, their political content muted.
Reason--cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason-- must furnish all the
His detached, unimpassioned voice-over warns against forgetting past atrocities and of "the coming of new executioners" who will not look "really different" from us.
Colombia's expertise, its solid infrastructure, and its international recognition will make silk an irresistible business to even the most unimpassioned state planners, experts say.
It is too early to draw any conclusions about this new approach, but it appears to signal a shift away from the sweeping, ideological goals of the Khomeini period in favor of a relatively unimpassioned assessment of Iran's national interests.
While the authors maintain an objective, unimpassioned tone, their real goal is to arm those who stand for pluralism and local culture in the struggle against mass media cultural gray-out.
85) He continued this thought later: "Passion has its dangers; so has lack of passion, and so has the insidious desire to be thought unimpassioned.
Therein lies greatness and a true unimpassioned heroism.
In his ruthless self-analysis of 1798, Godwin was far from considering himself as the cold, unimpassioned philosopher of reason he had often been held to be.